Baby Food Diary

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I am so glad you have considered one of my design's to capture your little one's food journey. Our son was diagnosed with a dairy and soy allergy at three months old and since I was advised to continue breastfeeding, I also become dairy and soy free. Navigating new roles as a parent and postpartum is challenging without the additional demands of food allergies. Throughout our food journey we have learned so much about the way we fuel our bodies and have become more invested in our nutrition than ever before. By the time James turned one we were able to reintroduce dairy and soy into his diet and fortunately this transition was as smooth as could be. 


In this book you will find space to 1. List all the food your little one has tried (with enough spots to track 100 foods/products), 2. Log your favourite recipes, 3. Record allergic reactions and 4. Archive a list of safe foods. - Each book cover is customized with baby's name (Example: "Emma's Kitchen")

The book has 82 pages with the following layout:

- My Food Journal : 100 spots to complete the 100 foods by age one challenge.

- My Recipes : 22 pages to log your little one’s favourite dishes.

- My Allergy Diary : 32 slots to track the date, time, food, allergen and symptoms related to your little one’s allergic reaction.

- My Safe Foods : Record the food name, brand name, store and allergen info for over 50 different foods. 


- The book is 8.5" X 11" in size and printed on high quality card stock, with even thicker cover pages for extra protection.

- Each book is bound by a wire coil to ensure the pages are secure and easy to flip. - Each book is shipped in a bubble wrapped insulated mailer for maximum protection.

Please be sure to double check your personalization for spelling and accuracy before completing your order. 

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