Choosing a frame for your personalized print

So you’ve bought your new baby print or wedding print and now you need a way to display it. How do you decide which frame to buy? What kind of frame will look best on your wall? Where do you shop for a frame? 

Let us help you narrow it down. I have purchased a couple frames over the last year to display our sample prints. Below you can find my thoughts on each of the frames I have bought, as well as links to shop them. 

But first, when you are shopping for frames you need to know the size of the print. Our prints are size 12X16. You can buy a frame that will wrap directly around the print itself or a larger frame that comes with a mat. The mat will take up room around the outside of the print but the mat opening will need to be size 12X16. 



Size: 16X20, mat opening 12X16

Price: $16.99 plus shipping

Quality: Fair

The Ikea Ribba frame is the most recent frame I have purchased. What I like most about the frame is that it comes with a mat - the white border outline you will notice around the outside of the print; that additional element really adds elegance to the entire piece. My only complaint is that the glass is prone to glare so in my case it makes taking product pictures more challenging. I believe this has to do with the material that is used for the glass. 

For this price point, I think the quality is fair. It is not made with the highest quality of materials;  the frame itself is made of fiberboard and the “glass” protector is Polystyrene, it feels like a thin plexiglass. Otherwise the frame holds positioning well and is easy enough to open the back. 

Person holding up baby print in black frame


Size: 12X16

Price: $13.99 plus shipping

Quality: Good

The Michaels multipurpose frame is the first frame I purchased and is overall a great find. For the price point it has good quality and has held up well over the last year. The frame itself is plastic and the protector is some sort of glass or heavy duty plastic (I can’t seem to find the type of material listed in their website description). It does have some glare but not nearly to the same extent as the Ikea frame. 

My only wish for this frame would be for it to be a little “meatier”. I find the frame outline is a little small and doesn’t stand out on the wall compared to other frames.

person holding frame in front of floral wall



Size: 12X16

Price: $39-$89 (F-Stop)

Quality: Great

While I have not made a purchase from our local frame shop, there is a reason frame shops exist. They are the experts in this field and it’s truly a matter of you get what you pay for. Their quality will be exceptional with lots of options and knowledge that will get you the quality frame you need. If you are looking for a frame with the utmost quality material (frame and glass), my best advice is to visit your local frame shop and they will help you pick the best frame for your needs. Plus you get to shop local and support your community!

Here are a couple shops local to us:

F-Stop, Dufferin

Foto Source, Wellington/Waterloo 

In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page

Laura Goulding