Five ways to take your monthly milestone photo if baby is on the move

I remember the first time our son James crawled, and by crawled I mean shuffled himself an inch forward across a blanket with all his might. We were so excited to see him learning new things and sent everyone we knew this video of our naked bum baby crawling for the first time. God bless our friends and family who shared in our excitement of this small but mighty milestone. 

By the time James’ next monthly milestone came around I quickly realized he lacked interest in lying down on his back to get his picture taken. He had new moves to show off! So I had to get creative and not to mention fast, at taking his monthly milestone photos for his baby book. 

Here are five ways to take your monthly milestone photos when baby is on the move: 

One - The laugh
Silly faces, silly noises, silly songs. Whatever it takes to gather your baby’s attention for the hot minute you may get them to sit still AND look at you at the same time. This was James’ nine month photo. 

baby lying on blanket laughing

Two - Add an object 
Sometimes all it takes is a teether, stuffed animal or your hairbrush (you know, anything babies don’t need to have) to occupy them long enough to maybe get that photo. This was James’ eight month photo and he was chewing on Tiny Teethers’ Cookie teether

baby lying on blanket holding teether

Three - Belly side down
There’s so much more to explore belly side down or at least that is what James would contest.  Place your baby on their belly with their monthly milestone blocks or sign and snap away. There’s bound to be a sweet photo of them playing with the blocks or reaching for their sign. Here was James’ 11 month photo. 

baby lying on belly grabbing blocks
Four - Bums down
If your little one can sit this can be another great option. You can get your phone ready, plop your baby up in a spot, then hand over the milestone blocks or sign to tie in the photo (for real though these cute photo props act as a great distraction). This was James’ first birthday photo. 

baby sitting holding blocks wearing first birthday shirt

Five - Strike a pose
I will start off by saying I did this with James before he could walk on his own or else he may have been halfway to the other side of the room by the time I picked up my phone to take a photo. That being said if your baby is at the point where they can stand up while holding something or aren’t quite walking, this may be your calling. You can place your milestone blocks or signs on an end table or small piece of furniture (I used a knit pouf) and have your little one stand beside it. It’ll not only let them feel independent but you’ll get to capture the point at which they started to stand up, another amazing milestone! Here was James’ ten month photo.

baby laughing standing beside table with blocks

Hope these five creative tips help you take that next milestone photo for your memory book. Tag us in your post next time you try one of these, can’t wait to see your milestone photos!

In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page

Laura Goulding