Wedding Planning Tips | Making the most of your big day with Sprightly Events

You spend countless hours, months, maybe even years planning your wedding day. That's why any wedding planning tips you can grasp onto are the equivalent of gold.

It’s easy to succumb to the pressure of planning a wedding, whether it be managing guests, family or your own expectations of what your day ‘should’ look like. Unfortunately this stress can be overwhelming and make it harder to enjoy your day to the fullest. 

So how do we make that happen? How can we set ourselves up for success so our wedding memories meet our expectations? While my husband and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this year, I am no wedding expert. That's why we have called in our friend, Steph at Sprightly Events to share her pro wedding planning tips and advice. 

Steph is the lead planner and owner of Sprightly Events. She launched Sprightly Events in 2013 after becoming a certified event manager. Sprightly Events specializes in wedding day coordination - worry free weddings are their goal. They aim to take the stress out of planning and coordinating events and work with you to make sure your wedding dreams go off as planned. 

Read on for our Q&A wedding planning tips with Steph!

What does a wedding day coordinator do on the day of a wedding?

A better question is what do we not do haha! You’ve spent the last year or more planning your wedding day to be perfect. Now you’re tying up all the loose ends and thinking about all the things you have to do on your wedding day. Not to mention wondering if the florist or the decor company will come on time with the right colour flowers. We are there to be your wedding assistant. Ahead of the big day we will schedule your day from start to finish with you - creating a day of timeline for your vendors and wedding party. We will make sure that all the loose ends are tied up a month before your wedding day, and then also be there on the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly so that you can be stress free and enjoy one of the most important days of your lives. We do all the work and handle the timing, arranging, set up etc. so that your friends and family and of course you both can relax and enjoy the day. 

What are some of the best wedding memories you hear about from clients?

Their reception/party or how much fun they had after the ceremony was over with. The funny things that may have happened during their ceremony or the things the couple may have whispered to one another during their ceremony. The reactions from their guests to unique ideas couples incorporate into their day like choreographed dances, unique games or theme food/drink stations. 

What is your favourite part of weddings?

I actually love the speeches! It's when I really get to know the personalities of those friends and family members and I just find them so sweet. I also love all the emotional moments: the first look, the wedding vows, the first dance and parent dances. 

What is your best advice for couples in the week leading up to their wedding?

Write your vows; I always tell my couples this. Most people write them the night before the wedding day and often my couples tell me on the day they wish they wrote their vows sooner like I mentioned. But also take it easy and try to stay calm. At this point the major things are planned and it's really just down to the tiny details that really if they don't happen no one will miss. 

What is one must-have thing a couple needs to make the most of their day?

Their marriage license haha! Time - slow things down and don't over schedule. Take time to just be married; the day goes by so fast. Schedule lots of buffer time so you can "just be married" for a few minutes and really take in the day. Also a great photographer! 

What wedding planning tips do you have to minimize wedding day stress?

The things you're stressing about really don't matter in the end. All that really matters is you get to marry the love of your life.  Most people won't remember the tiny details, or really care that much about them. If things like favors get missed or forgotten it really doesn’t matter in the end. Don’t over complicate the day either, don’t plan/schedule too much, just keep it simple. 

What are three things not-to-do on your wedding day? 

  1. Skip breakfast and/or lunch, 
  2. Get a haircut, 
  3. Over indulge in alcohol or watch the clock. Hire a coordinator so you don't have to check the time every 5 minutes.

What are three things to-do on your wedding day? 

  1. Relax and  have fun! 
  2. Schedule a few minutes after your ceremony to just be alone the two of you. Try to slow down and take it all in - it goes so fast. 
  3. Do whatever you want and not what others want you to do! 

BONUS expert wedding advice: Plan your wedding for you both and no one else, no matter how much input your friends and family have for you. Make the day about you both and only do what you both want. It’s your day - make it that way. 

Wow, I am blown away! I could easily go through this Q&A and highlight so many key wedding planning tips Steph noted. I hope you feel the same about this blog and that it gives you comfort as you await your day. Wishing you all the best in your planning and that the wedding memories you create on your wedding day are as beautiful as your love for one another. 

In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page

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