The one about the dried florals

How many times do you go shopping on Etsy and you see variations of different notebooks or cards with the same elephant character or flowers? Stock images… they’re beautiful and helpful for those wanting to put something together quickly and efficiently; however, I didn’t create this business for the sole purpose of selling. It was and is about a space where I can express my creativity while creating something beautiful for those to hold their special memories through art that is meaningful to me. 

Each piece in the shop has a story behind the design and today I am going to elaborate on the dried florals design, the first floral piece I created. 

The dried floral design came with inspiration from a bouquet I held as a bridesmaid in the Fall of 2020. The sky was cloudy and upon first glance it could be easy to worry about the weather, but with clouds also brings the most STUNNING backdrop and shade to the eyes = no squinting throughout the photos. The slate blue and navy bridesmaids dresses coupled with the bright florals and moody skyline was to-die-for. To boot, the groomsmen in their grey suits with brown shoes and navy ties perfectly complemented the picturesque scene. 

It was easy to see that the blooms in each of the bouquets were so thoughtfully chosen with intention to create five pieces of true art. All driven with the colour palette and vision from my dear friend, Melissa. She has such an eye for the way colours and design flow together and I so admire her taste. She is my go-to for anything creative I am looking for advice on. That’s why I am so thankful I dried my bouquet from her wedding and can honour her style through this book design. 

I let the bouquet dry upside down for a week or two, pulled off each of the blooms and placed them in a clear mason jar as a decorative piece in our home. In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page then took some photos. After some photoshop magic, the dried florals design was formed into a digital watercolour piece that now cascades a baby book and pregnancy journal in the shop. 

It is truly one of my favourite pieces, not only for its aesthetics but also the story and inspiration behind it. Stay tuned for more on some of our other designs. 

- Laura xo

In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page

Laura Goulding