The one about the quiet January morning

The January air was cool yet quiet and all we could hear was the flowing river and ice crunching under our feet as we walked the property. It was the morning after an ice storm. Our home is nestled in alongside the Grand River and sometimes when it rains it pours … we don’t have to walk as far to reach our waterfront. 

We were up earlier than usual for a Sunday morning and caught the early sunrise (I say this as at the time we were pre-baby). As the sun rose and orange filled the sky, the ice covered branches glistened and couldn't help but take your breath away. We walked and observed, and enjoyed the serenity for what could now be observed as a parallel narrative. I was seven or eight weeks pregnant and we hadn’t shared the news with anyone. 

Like that breathtaking morning, we enjoyed the bliss of quietness knowing we were growing life and welcoming a new member to our family. Although it was a hard secret to keep, some of these early moments were my favourite as we enjoyed them solely together.

This photo was taken on that January morning facing the riverside of what is supposed to be the majority of our front lawn. It was ‘Lake Bryan’ as my mother-in-law coined the term many years ago. Now this photo is the back drop to our Letters to Me birch book. This Letters to Me book brings me back to those serene moments of just being. 

How fitting is it that the Letters to Me collection is supposed to do just that. As the parent writing letters to your baby,  it brings you back to your roots and share the moments your little one can’t understand now but will appreciate looking back on down the road. Share the stories and learnings through the rawness of parenthood that they will take as advice when they themselves fill roles as mom or dad in the future. As the child reading, feel even more connected to parents or grandparents and comforted through the stories and tellings in each letter. 

Letters to Me is our newest collection and is available in three designs. Click here to see them all. 

- Laura xo

In one of my ‘ah-ha’ moments, I emptied the jar of blooms on a blank sheet of paper and arranged each piece carefully across the page

Laura Goulding